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EN71: All of our products are tested and comply with, or exceed all relevant European Safety Standards
EN71-1,2, 3 and 8)

REACH: All of our materials are tested to meet or exceed REACH chemical Standards.

“We understand the importance of safe play and your child’s well-being is at the forefront of our design process. We pride ourselves on creating toys for childhood development, encouraging a healthy, active outdoor playtime.” - David Woodman, Plum® Director of Product Development. European Toy Safety Standards Committee Member

Your child’s safety is at the forefront of our design process. We exceed safety standards and pride ourselves on our ability to create fun and exciting activity play without compromising on safety or quality.

As parents ourselves, we are dedicated to ensuring each and every one of our outdoor activity toys and indoor role play products encourages a healthy, active playtime. We have made it our mission to design safe, innovative and fun products suitable for all ages."
Voted best UK trampoline brand by Which? Magazine, our innovative, stylish trampolines include Springsafe® technology and features.

Plum® trampolines are designed with springs to provide the user with an even and controlled bounce that is kind to joints. Patented designs, such as our 3G enclosure separate the jumper from the springs ensuring safe play at all times.

To ensure your aspiring acrobats or junior jumpers are safe, do not allow them to perform any tricks outside of their ability. We advise that only one jumper is on a trampoline at any time, according to RoSPA 60% of injuries that occur on trampolines are due to more than one user bouncing.

With over 1 million trampolines sold worldwide, Plum® trampolines are the smartest, safest option for the ultimate bouncing experience!

Plum have been members of RoSPA in the UK for about 15 years.

In November 2016 - RoSPA Play Safety produced with the help of British Gymnastics, a fact sheet aimed at commercial users of trampolines. The full report can be found here: https://www.rospa.com/leisure-safety/advice/trampoline

As safe as we design the products and test the products, just like a car the biggest hazard is in what you do with it.
  • Locate in a safe place. This means not up against a tree or fence, on a hard surface, under a branch, on a slope
  • Maintain a safe area around the product
  • Build it according to the instructions and read the safety notes in the instruction book
  • Keep the assembly instructions in a safe place for reference
  • Ensure that the product stays safe by checking for damage, tighten bolts and order spares if necessary using our Spare Parts Finder
  • Supervise play
  • Always close the net opening before jumping
  • Jump without shoes
  • Empty pockets and hands before jumping
  • Always jump in the middle of the mat
  • Jump one at a time, to stop collision hazards
  • Limit the time of continuous usage (make regular stops)
  • Let pets onto the products or let them chew or get involved with the item. This could harm them or they can damage the equipment
  • Do somersaults or tricks
  • Have alcohol and jump or swing
  • Use the equipment in a way it was not designed for. For example don’t jump onto a trampoline from a tree or roof!
  • Eat or drink while jumping
  • Exit the trampoline by jumping off it
  • Use the mat when it is wet
  • Use in strong wind conditions or fail to secure the trampoline. In some circumstances it may be necessary to move the trampoline to a sheltered area. Plum Trampoline Anchor Kits can be purchased from our online store.
Every Round Pole Swing Set has its own unique character and charm, it never stops changing. If you’re ever unsure what’s happening to your timber visit about-our-wood to learn more. If you still have questions please send us a message with a few pictures via our contact form.

Your Round Pole Wood is an organic material, it is always trying its hardest to adapt to its changing environment. It moves, it swells and it shrinks, all normal behaviour for Round Poles.

If cracks are present on delivery or open up subsequently, do not be alarmed by this. We’ve tested all our products with cracks. When timber dries the moisture content reduces from over 50% when growing to possibly under 10% depending on where on the planet you live.

The moisture even comes out of the cell structure so the wood has to shrink a bit. It reduces a little in length and diameter but a comparably larger amount tangentially.

This causes stresses which get relieved when the splits open up. It is ever so normal for this type of timber where the heart of the tree is right up the centre of the pole.

Over the years we have used timber from many parts of the world and of course we supply to over 40 countries so we have quite a bit of experience by now.

Wood can only be defective if it rots. Your round poles have been high pressure treated to protect them against rot-causing problems such as insect infestation.

Sometimes the resin in the wood turns a green(ish) colour after treatment, this is totally harmless. Ironically, the more resin the stronger the timber!

For peace of mind we only use a widely recognised, child safe, non-toxic treatment on our timber that doesn’t leach. We do not use copper chrome arsenate preservatives.