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The Plum® range of market leading Springsafe® Trampolines combine innovative safety features with cutting edge technology and unique designs. Our experts ensure that each trampoline for sale is engineered to give the perfect bounce and the greatest fun! Plum® have a Junior Trampoline range designed for little jumpers, our bestselling Classic Trampolines, and our top of the range Premium Trampolines to keep the whole family active. If you're struggling to choose we have a Trampoline Buying Guide to help you pick the best trampoline for you, or if you're just looking for spares you can use our Trampoline Spare Parts Finder .

Voted 'Best UK Trampoline Brand 2016' in a consumer survey by Which?


Safe trampolining with Plum® Springsafe® technology

At Plum® we use high performance springs in all our trampolines to provide an even and controlled bounce that is kind to joints, preventing injury caused by strain. In order to protect the jumper from potential contact with springs we have adopted the Springsafe® principle, thanks to our patented enclosure designs. Plum® trampolines are tested to meet and exceed European safety standards EN17-14, Toy Safety. With over 1 million trampolines sold worldwide, Plum® trampolines are the smartest, safest option for the ultimate bouncing experience.

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