We have chosen to partner with The Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity and are proud to work with them in supporting families with seriously ill children. They work with each individual family in a bespoke way, tailoring support for their exact needs; whether that is through sibling support, home to hospital and all the way through to bereavement support. Their team are committed and passionate in the work they do, which makes Plum all the more honoured to support them.

The Rainbow Trust supports families who have a child up to the age of 18 with a life threatening or terminal illness. They offer different areas of bespoke support through their dedicated family support workers, who provide a lifeline to the families who need them most. Your money they support the entire family through these difficult times and not just the unwell child. Parents, carers, siblings and grandparents will all receive support, whether that is at home, in the hospital or within the community. A wonderful thing about this charity is that any family is eligible from the moment that their child receives a diagnosis so they can be with you every step of the way.

Your donations help to fund so many different areas of care that the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity are able to provide for these families. They have nine dedicated teams of Family Support Workers across the country who are continually supporting families, by offering bespoke and tailored care as well as dedicating time to siblings who need that extra support during this severely difficult time. As well Brothers and sisters will be able to get involved with arts and crafts, cinema trips, and days out to the zoo as well as much, much more.

Alongside help at home and providing emotional support to the whole family, support workers will help to organise appointments, explain treatments and illnesses.

Home Support: This includes emotional support to the whole family, as well as respite to help parents with the day-days.

Hospital Support: They help to organise appointments, explain illnesses and treatment, whether that be in a child-friendly way or to the whole family. They regularly look after siblings and stay with the child that is unwell in order to help mum and dad.

Bereavement Support: Should the worst happen, the amazing team at the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity are available and on hand to help the entire family; whether that is face-to-face or over the phone, at any time of the night or day.