4 Trampoline Activities With Mini Messy Kids

Hi all! I’m Poppy, mum to little 3 year old Jobi. We’re so excited to be taking over the Plum blog as we can’t wait to share our ideas with our @plumplayuk trampoline. We have loved Plum for quite some time and have a few of their products in our garden.

1. Chalk Numbers

Our first image shows Jobi jumping from number to number. It may seem a little easy for some (including Jobi), so we also added some memory additions. For example, “Can you jump from 8 then 3, then 6”. You could even make it an addition or minus game “What is 2+2, jump to that number”. All you need for this simple activity is chalk for your trampoline.

2. The Teddy Bear Jump

If you go down to the garden today, you better go in disguise. Add some teddies to your trampoline for some extra fun! Jobi helped grab some teddies from his room and added a whopping 25 onto his bouncy fun haven.

To support your children with physical development, with this activity they can have fun whilst jumping, rolling, sliding, running, hopping, crawling and more.

3. Jumping Balloons

Keep as many balloons on the trampoline as possible whilst you’re jumping. The children were none stop laughing with this fun counting activity on the @plumplayuk trampoline. When half the balloons had flown away, we counted how many balloons we could pop with our bottoms.  

4. Green Means Go

Got some chalk? Draw a road on your Plum trampoline for some fun on wheels. It’s fun for the crawlers too and I know Jobi loves the opportunity to crawl around. Get them to GO when you shout green and STOP when you shout red. Disclaimer: (try and get your little one to walk or crawl whilst adding the cars to avoid any trip hazards). 

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