Let’s Create: Spooky Sand Table

Create this easy spooky sand table by @mayasmoonplay in time for Halloween! A sand table or sandpit will provide plenty of opportunity for sensory play. 

“We have been inspired to make spooky Halloween crafts over half term and decided to use our Plum Sandy Bay Wooden Sand & Water Table to create a spooky sand table. It’s very simple to create and has kept my girls entertained all afternoon.” 

What you will need:

Child-Friendly Halloween Pictures

Coloured Play Sand 


Sandy Bay Wooden Sand & Water Table


1. Print out child-friendly Halloween pictures or use an old book to cut out images. 

2. Place the pictures together at the bottom of the Sandy Bay Wooden Sand & Water Table. 

3. Add a layer of coloured sand over the top of the photos.

4. Give your child a paintbrush to brush the sand and discover the pictures hiding underneath.

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Content created by @mayasmoonplay on Instagram. For more of their posts head here. 

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