Get Your Plum Play Equipment Spring Ready This DIY Month

April marks DIY Month, so what better way to celebrate than by giving your Plum Play equipment a fresh look for the Spring season?

Why Should You Celebrate DIY Month with Your Kids?

DIY allows children to develop key skills and nurtures their creativity. Painting or digging enhances their fine and gross motor skills as they learn to grip a paintbrush or a spade.

Involving the kids in garden DIY projects will spark their imaginations. So, DIY Month is the perfect time for families to come together and have fun working on these projects.

Child painting outside

Get Ready for Spring!

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, we want to inspire you to get creative with the kids and explore ways you can revamp, reuse and recycle your play equipment. Whether it’s a wooden sandpit, a playhouse or a trampoline, we have some great tips and tricks to inspire you to refresh your garden play equipment and make your outdoor area more fun and inviting for your little ones. So, let’s get started!

children gardening with wheelbarrow


How To Decorate a Wooden Playhouse?

Decorating a playhouse can be a fun garden play area DIY for children and grown-ups alike. Whether you’re looking to give your child’s playhouse a new look or you just want to add some personal touches, there are endless ways to get creative with decorating…

Playhouse painting ideas

One way to give your wooden playhouse a fresh look is by giving it a coat of paint. You can choose from a variety of colours to compliment your outdoor space or even opt for a theme to create a unique play area style. Pastel shades like pastel pink, mint and pastel blue are popular choices for playhouses, as they can add a cheerful splash of colour to your garden landscape.

To make your playhouse really pop, you could even add some quirky patterns, like polka dots or stripes. To fully embrace DIY Month, you could even create a mural on the outside of the playhouse, with a different pattern on each wall or paint a scene from your little one’s favourite storybook.

painting with paintbrush on wood

How to decorate inside a playhouse?

Remember, it’s not all about the look on the outside. The inside of a playhouse can also be decorated to make it a cosy, inviting retreat for your kids. You can add some vibrant cushions, a little table and chairs and some playful wall decorations or plants to create a welcoming space that your kids can’t wait to spend time in. Adding a rug will give the playhouse that next-level warmth and comfort, making it the perfect place for your kids to play or read.

inside playhouse

Let your creativity run wild

When it comes to decorating your kids playhouse, the sky’s the limit. You could add some fairy lights for an enchanted touch or even add some window boxes and hanging baskets filled with colourful flowers or herbs to give the playhouse a calming feel and allow it to blend seamlessly into your outdoor space.

Want to give your playhouse decorating a helping hand? Be sure to enter our Instagram giveaway with Rust-Oleum to win the ultimate DIY giveaway garden bundle, including a Children’s Wooden Teepee Hideaway and a selection of Rust-Oleum weather-resistant garden paint. Enter before 11.59 pm on 12th May 2023 to be in with the chance to win everything you need to paint and play in the garden this Spring (T&Cs apply).

child gardening with flowers

How to Decorate a Treehouse?

A treehouse is a wondrous place for kids to let their imaginations run wild and enjoy outdoor play. Decorating a treehouse can be a fun opportunity for parents and kids to connect, spending quality time enhancing the treehouse together. Here are some innovative ways to decorate your kid’s treehouse and celebrate DIY Month.  

  1. Use recycled materials – Decorating your treehouse doesn’t need to be expensive. Recycled materials like old cans make great plant pots, and plastic water bottles are ideal for making a cascading water run. To add a dash of colour, your kids can get creative, painting the cans and bottles, so their vibrant artwork can be seen from the treetops.
  2. Add some greenery – Incorporating plants and flowers into your treehouse décor can create a natural and calming space. The Plum Discovery Woodland Treehouse encourages your little ones to tend to the flowers with a built-in potted planter so they can get a head start on sowing their veg patch or cultivating their own herb garden.
  3. Use outdoor lighting – Adding some outdoor lighting to the area around your treehouse can create a magical atmosphere for evening play as dawn turns to dusk. Use string lanterns or solar-powered lights to illuminate the space, making it safe and snug for your little nature nurturers to enjoy active play in their treehouse all year round as the seasons change.

Whether you’re using recycled materials, adding greenery or incorporating outdoor lighting, decorating the treehouse is a creative way to spend time with your little one and make their outdoor play space even more special.

Plum Discovery Woodland Treehouse bottle run and planter

Revamp Your Tramp

This Spring, we’ve created spare bundles for one of our best-selling Trampolines, the Fun Trampoline and Enclosure. So, you can grab all the elements you need to keep your trampoline super safe and looking its best.

Get your Revamp your Tramp bundle and give your 8ft or 10ft Fun trampoline a makeover.

The 8ft and 10ft Fun bundles include:

⭐ Enclosure net

⭐ Safety pad

⭐ Enclosure pole foam covers

Revamp your Fun to increase the life of your trampoline and get the kids back outdoors enjoying healthy active play for years to come.  

Child jumping on trampoline

Need a spare part for your trampoline?

Head over to the Plum Play website to discover our complete catalogue of trampoline spares for our full trampoline range. Simply use the handy spare part checker by typing in your product code to show all the spare parts available for your trampoline. Sprucing up your trampoline has never been so easy!

Top tip: Unsure of your trampoline’s product code? Look for the sticker on one of your trampoline’s legs, and you’ll find it there.


How to Repurpose Play Sand?

Reusing play sand is a resourceful way to give a new purpose to your children’s outdoor play materials. Here are a couple of easy ways to repurpose your play sand…

Make textured paint

Simply mix some sand and paint to create a textured paint effect. This can be a fun way to add a sensory element to play. By creating artwork with this paint, your children can explore the sensation of the rough texture and gritty feeling of the grains of sand in contrast against the smooth paper.

paint and paintbrush

Revitalise your compost

Adding play sand to compost can improve its quality. Adding sand to compost improves drainage and aeration, which leads to healthier soil and happier plants – carrots especially love sandy soil as it helps them grow deep into the ground.

Repurposing your play sand is a creative way to give new life to something that may have otherwise gone to waste. So next time you have some leftover sand, don’t throw it away – repurpose it!

Child playing in sandpit with crown on


Plum Play products are built to last for years to come, but perhaps your kids have outgrown their sandpit, or you no longer need your trampoline. If so, you can always recycle your play equipment when it’s no longer needed.

Sandpits also make the ideal container for a mini veg plot. By removing the sand, replacing it with soil, and planting some of your kids’ favourite veggies, you have an instant mini allotment in your back garden.

Encourage your children to embrace their green fingers and plant the seeds together. Looking after their own veg patch will help teach them the importance of nurturing something and caring for the environment.

Children tending to veg patch carrots

Wooden products

All Plum Play outdoor wooden products are made using FSC®-certified wood, so they come from sustainable sources and can be recycled at the end of product life. Even our sandpit liners can be recycled, so the environmental impact is minimal.

Child in Plum Play Giant Wooden Sandpit


100% of the metal used in a Plum trampoline is recycled, so the impact on waste is minimal. To keep this reduce, reuse, recycle circle going, you can recycle the elements of your Plum Play trampoline after use – be sure to check with your local recycling centre to recycle the different elements efficiently.

Plum Play Space Zone II Evolution

Chicken run

Did you know trampolines can be transformed into the ideal home for chickens?

When you no longer need your trampoline, turn it into the perfect sanctuary for your feathered friends by removing the enclosure and securing chicken wire around the base of the trampoline. The jumping mat becomes the coop roof, and your hens can then live sheltered under the sturdy trampoline base, making it the perfect pen.


Even more ways to transform your trampoline…

Of course, if you want to reuse the trampoline for yourself, then other options are to transform the base into a robust frame to hang a hammock for garden dozing or use it as a trellis for plants that love to climb high.

Child in hammock

These are just a few ways that DIY Month can inspire you to get your play equipment Spring ready and revamp, reuse and recycle your Plum Play products.

So, if you give your play equipment a new lease of life, then be sure to let us know over @PlumPlayUK #LifeAtPlay. We’d love to see your revamp, reuse and recycling innovations.

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