Celebrating 35 Years of Healthy Active Play and Giving Parents Peace of Mind

As we celebrate our 35th year of bringing families together through healthy active play and creating childhoods filled with fun memories that will last a lifetime, we’re taking a look back at our beginnings and what makes Plum Play so unique…

Our Story

Becoming the active play specialists…

After raising three children themselves while starting Plum® 35 years ago, founders Jonathan and Diane Schaffer know how important it is to give your little ones the freedom to play in a stimulating outdoor space at home.

When Paul was young, he began working for his family’s business whilst attending school. He was involved in various tasks, such as customer service, organising spare parts, and packing brochures. After Studying in Sydney, Australia, he began his own career. However, Paul had ambitions to return to Plum and in 2015, he returned and since 2019, has been managing the company, heading up the helm as our top play enthusiast! Through his help, the company has grown to become a successful global brand.

This little boy is now our Managing Director, Paul Schaffer.

“It has given me incredible pride to watch Plum Play grow under my parents and now lead us forward, upholding our core values, which I believe makes Plum Play so special. I love that we continue to create experiences for children that enrich their lives.” – a note from Paul.

What Makes Plum Play Different?

Plum Play is no average toy company. We’re a sustainable toy company who are passionate about making play as fun and safe as possible. From ensuring our products are kind to the planet, to creating imaginative toys kids will love for years to come. Read on to learn more about our values and what makes us so special…

35 Years of Family First Values

We have 35 years of experience and understand the importance of putting families first. So, we ensure that family first values are in everything we do. We’re committed to creating play opportunities for families to spend quality time together by creating play equipment that is high-quality, affordable and enjoyed by families around the globe.

Children playing on Plum Play Tamarin

Inspiring Young Minds

We have a passion for inspiring young minds by:

🌟Letting kids rediscover the magical world around them by developing play equipment, like our Forest School-inspired Plum Discovery® collection, which combines the delights of nature, play and learning.

👏Building kids’ self-confidence and physical skills through healthy active play.

🔎Nurturing curiosity and creativity by developing toys which engage the senses, encourage messy play and appeal to children’s naturally inquisitive side, so they build their interests.

🤸Creating a world that is rich in play possibilities with a variety of indoor and outdoor toys from My First to Junior and beyond, there’s a Plum Play possibility for every child (and adult too).

🤾Giving children the freedom of play through our range of innovative indoor and outdoor toys, there’s the ultimate freedom to spark little ones’ imaginations through a variety of play.

‘Young minds work in mysterious but wonderful ways. At Plum Play, we’re all about creating the tools to let their imaginations run wild.’ – Founders Jonathan and Diane Schaffer.

Child playing on Plum Play garden swing

Plum Play Looking After the Planet

At Plum Play we have a sustainable play vision. We are committed to being kind and friendly to the planet because we want to ensure the earth is a better place for our children to enjoy as they grow up.  

Our commitment to being kind to the environment goes back to our beginnings 35 years ago. We made sure that our wood was of the highest quality and produced from sustainable forestry operations to create attainable sustainable wooden toys.

All our outdoor toys are sustainably sourced, planet friendly toys, as they are made from FSC®-certified wood, which means that we support the responsible management of the world’s forests. We are proud to have been FSC®-certified since FSC® was begun in 1994.

Jonathan Schaffer

Ensuring a Safe Playtime for All

We have a safety conscious design process, and each of our products is tested to the highest safety standards, and for that all important fun factor!

Springsafe® Trampolines

To provide the safest and best bouncing experience on our trampolines, we have developed Springsafe technology and features, which separate the jumper from the springs and frame of the trampoline. This ensures that Plum Springsafe Trampolines are the smartest and safest choice for family fun and healthy active play.

Outdoor Wooden Toys

All our outdoor wooden play equipment is treated with a non-toxic formula to ensure these products are as strong and as safe as possible, prolonging the products’ life and ensuring a safe playtime for all.

Plum Play Lookout Tower

Built to Last

We know that healthy active play is important for children as they grow. So that’s why we make premium play equipment that is built to last for years to come.

Since durable play equipment should last for years, our products have excellent warranty periods. Trampolines like the Magnitude have a 5-year warranty, and premium trampolines like The BOWL have a fantastic 10-year warranty.

If you register your trampoline within 90 days of purchase, you can also get a free extended warranty, which ensures your playtime is protected for longer, and you can have peace of mind that the trampoline is safe, high-quality and built to last.

Plum Play Trampoline mat

At Plum Play, we believe in fun for the whole family. The joy of play brings families together and creates memories that will last for a lifetime. Share your Plum Play memories with us @plumplayuk.

Plum Play Family Tamarin

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