5 Christmas Activities With Ronnies Mumma

Hi my name is Beccy and I am the “mumma” on the account @ronnies_mumma. In the picture below is my cheeky 5 year old Ronnie

As huge fans of @plumplayuk we are super excited to be taking over the Plum blog and sharing some of our play ideas with you.

We first discovered Plum around Ronnie’s 2nd birthday when we purchased our Discovery Mud Pie Kitchen and over the past 4 years we have added to our outdoor play area using lots more Plum products.

Our play will focus around winter and Christmas to give you all some ideas (don’t forget to enter your own play set-ups into the #plumwinterchallenge).

I hope you enjoy seeing our ideas as much as we loved playing!

1. Snow Painting

Unlike lots of the UK we haven’t seen any snow yet in our part of the country and so we had to make our own! It is really simple to make.

What you will need:

Bicarbonate of Soda

Shaving Foam

Mix together until you get a snow consistency. You can then use this just like real snow, just not as cold! We decided to use it for snow painting, using water with a few drops of food dye and some water droppers! It is very effective and the snow can be stirred for a brand new blank canvas!

2. Christmas Teepee

Our teepee was the perfect shape for decorating, just like a Christmas tree! It is simple to decorate with some tinsel, fairy lights and a big bow on the top! You could do this with a tent at home. Not forgetting Ronnie’s homemade wreath! We then popped inside with blankets, cushions and a hot chocolate, before listening to some lovely Christmas stories!

3. Festive Scooter Decorating

Simply add a bit of tinsel to a scooter or bike to make the perfect Christmas ride. You could also add lights or bells to really spread some festive cheer whilst out scootering.

I have to tell you that over the years we have had many scooters and Ronnie has always really struggled, but within 10 minutes of owning his Globber scooter he was flying about and had even worked out corners and braking! Please note: Ronnies helmet was only removed for pictures and is always worn when riding!

4. Snowy Sensory Treasure Hunt

Today’s play idea is using our Plum Build & Splash Wooden Sand & Water Table. We have used some packets of fake snow to fill the table. You could reuse the snow made in the snow painting activity.

I buried some items in the snow for Ronnie to search for and find! I used some little gems we have at home, but you could use anything! For example figures, Lego, plastic letters and stones. Anything that can withstand getting slightly wet would work.

I tell Ronnie how many he needs to find and then he likes to be timed to see how quickly he can find them all. I then hide them again and he tries to beat his time…….again and again and again! Ronnie always finds activities like this really fun and engaging!

5. Wreath Craft

Our last activity of the week is wreath making. It is perfect to hang on your door, playhouse or teepee for Christmas.

What you will need:

A ring (this could be wire, willow or even cardboard)

Any foliage you can find leaves, twigs, berries

Ribbons, bows, baubles, tinsel

We love activities like this outside on the Discovery Mud Pie Kitchen. For a start any mess is outside, but I also love that we can still enjoy being outdoors in the winter! The Discovery Mud Pie Kitchen has a brilliant surface which is perfect for making things on. We then used glue dots to stick our wreath on the painting screen, although we did decide in the end that it looked fabulous above the entrance for the teepee we have!

Share your Christmas activities with us for a chance to be featured on our social media channels. Simply tag #LifeatPlay!

Content created by @ronnies_mumma on Instagram. For more of their posts head here.

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