Let’s Make: Safari Binoculars

Let’s get crafty! 

Create these easy DIY safari binoculars from toilet rolls and decorative paper. 

They are great for jungle parties or fun new toys to go exploring with. 

Share your safari binoculars with us for a chance to be featured on our social media channels. Simply tag #LifeatPlay

What you will need:

Toilet Rolls

Coloured String or Twine 


Double Sided Tape 

Decorative Paper

Washi Tape 






1. Cut decorative paper to size for the toilet rolls. Use a ruler and pencil to measure, before cutting to size with scissors. 

2. Put double sided tape along the decorative paper. 

3. Wrap the decorative paper around the toilet rolls. 

4. Decorate with washi tape or stickers before assembling. 

5. Time to assemble! Place a strip of double side tape along one side of the toilet roll. We recommend placing the strip along the seam where the paper overlaps. 

6. Stick the two toilet rolls together to make binoculars. 

7. Poke holes using a pencil or craft knife (Get an adult to do this) at the top of the binoculars.

8. Add twine or string to either side of the toilet rolls, so the binoculars can be worn around the neck. Now you are ready to explore!

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