Let’s Make: Easter Wreath

This Easter wreath is both quick and easy to make, and is brilliant to hang up in your home or window this spring.  

You could use patterned paper, wallpaper samples or wrapping paper for the eggs.  

What you will need:


Pastel Coloured Card 

Patterned Paper  

Egg Shape Template  


Plate or Paper Plates


Glue Stick  


1. Print out an egg outline on card. Cut around this using scissors. This will be your template to create the egg wreath. 

2. Using the egg template, draw around your pastel coloured card and patterned paper.

3. You will need to draw out 12 eggs. Cut out the eggs using scissors. 

4. Draw a circle shape using a plate on white card and cut this out. 

5. Find another smaller plate to make another circle within this. Cut around this using scissors. This will be the base for the wreath. You could use a paper plate instead as the base and cut around this. 

6. Place the 12 eggs into a circle on top of the circle base. 

7. Using a glue stick, stick the eggs on the circle base. 

8. Once dry, stick some ribbon on the back so it can be hung up.

9. Stick a bow on the front at the top of the wreath to finish this off. 

10. When it is dry, the wreath can be hung in your home or window for Easter.

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