3 Queen’s Jubilee Activities With Ceceandfleur

We are so excited to work with Plum Play and share some of our Jubilee themed fun with you all!

1. Strawberries and Cream

We couldn’t wait to get outside to enjoy the fantastic weather this weekend and we decided to kick things off with a ‘Strawberries and Cream’ messy set up in our Plum Discovery Forest Water Run.  

It was so simple – water in the top of the water run, strawberries and shaving foam in the bottom container. The girls had endless fun making smoothies, fruit salads and strawberry cocktails!  

Using shaving foam made it so easy to clear up at the end. After clearing away the strawberry mess, I gave each of the children a scrubbing brush and we rinsed it all down with water. Perfectly clean for the next time we want to play!  

2. Crown Jewels Hunt

We love the Treasure Beach Wooden Sandpit from Plum Play! It was straight forward to put together and I love that it comes with a cover. Without fail, the girls have rushed into the garden every afternoon to play in the sandpit. It’s a great size for the two girls to play in together and a definite win in our house!  

I decided to set them up a ‘Crown Jewels Treasure Hunt’. The girls had no idea what they were hunting for in the sand. They were so excited to start digging up gems and crowns. They loved rinsing them off and wearing them immediately.

3. A Jubilee Tea Party

The girls love setting up camp in their Plum Discovery Woodland Treehouse. It has everything they need for role playing, making dens, growing plants and having picnics!

They decided to throw a Jubilee Tea Party and spent ages making play dough cakes and biscuits to serve. They love sitting up high on the platform at the moment as it means their baby sister can’t crawl over and grab everything!  

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