4 Queen’s Jubilee Activities With Raising Small Readers

We are so excited to work with Plum Play and share some of our Jubilee themed fun with you all!

1. Jubilee Tea Party

We have been enjoying our @plumplayuk items to have some Jubilee fun! Our first one features our Plum Discovery Woodland Treehouse. We use the platform for lots of fun activities. Today we are having a little Jubilee themed picnic!  

2. Jubilee Bounce Party

Are you starting to enjoy some Jubilee themed activities with your little ones? Our second @plumplayuk inspired activity is a Jubilee trampoline party using our Pink and Purple 7ft Junior Trampoline. Fill it full of red, white and blue balloons and bounce away!

3. Jubilee Money Hunt

This activity was probably one of the girls favourites. I buried one of each coin in the mud (you could do it in sand if you have a sandpit.) They then had to dig and hunt for each coin and place it in the right place on the sheet. We used our @plumplayuk Teal Square Sandpit. 

4. Jubilee Flag Painting

Both girls loved using paint sticks to paint a union Jack flag on our @plumplayuk Discovery Woodland Treehouse. We love the painting screen on it as it adds such a fun additional element to play in our garden. This was so easy to set up. Just use thin masking tape to section out the design, provide a flag as a reference and let them paint!

We hope you have enjoyed our four ideas for Jubilee themed play in the garden! We used three different @plumplayuk items – Plum Discovery Woodland Treehouse, our Pink and Purple Junior 7ft Trampoline and Teal Sandpit. Happy Jubilee!  

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