Galileo Strollcycle

Revolutionary 4-in-1 Strollcycle™ For Kids

Galileo Strollcycle

Have you spotted our exciting new product, the Galileo 4-in-1 Strollcycle™?

The award winning 4-in-1 stroller and tricycle transforms between stages as your little one grows and learns how to ride. Choose your favourite colour between red, green or blue!

  1. The Strollcycle™ folds in one single action, allowing the product to be stored away easily.
  2. Beginning with a parent controlled pushchair, the pedals serve as a safe footrest for children and the seat can be adjusted between sitting and napping mode, perfect for tired toddlers!
  3. Children have more control as the pushchair transforms into a Strollcycle™ from 18 months+ allowing them to pedal and steer. To build confidence and ensure safety, the steering can be controlled by parents with a steering lock button.
  4. Your little one can ride solo from 30 months when the Strollcycle™ transforms into a tricycle.

With no tools or assembly required, your little one can start their journey learning to ride straight away!

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