Get Kids Outdoors

Get Kids Outdoors

Spring Blog

Plum are celebrating 30 years of play and we want to inspire families to get outdoors and stay active this spring! We provide play for every stage of childhood, from baby’s first steps to their first swing and slide, bigger jumps, adventures and beyond.

There is so much more to play than meets the eye, the simple joy is seeing children learn, discover, experiment and grow in confidence through play and create a childhood of great memories.

According to the Play in Balance Campaign commissioned by Persil, almost a third of children in the UK play outdoors for 30 minutes or less a day. Sir Ken Robinson, expert in education, says “Play helps children to learn and experiment, to focus and concentrate, be more self-directed, and to build social confidence. Play also helps children to learn important social values, such as sharing, following rules, taking turns, valuing the choices of others, accepting losing, perseverance, tolerance, open mindedness and empathy.”

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Let children be children

We believe outdoor, active play helps to develop these skills and is great for bringing families together to enjoy the great outdoors. Allowing children the freedom of play will create cherished childhood memories for years to come. We want children to have the freedom of play and you the parent the peace of mind.
Check out our outdoor play ideas for you and your family this spring:

    Go for a picnic at the park
    Develop social skills and sharing

    Go camping
    Explore and create a new adventure every day

    Fly a kite
    Build confidence in physical play

    Family spring walk
    Share special moments and childhood memories

    Build a garden den
    Improve cognitive skills

    Go on a daffodil hunt
    Inspire new interests…a love to care for nature

    Paint a picture of your garden
    Fuel imaginations and creativity

    Plant sunflowers
    Explore nature and discover outdoor play and learning

To celebrate our 30th year of play, we are giving you the chance to win a Create Your Own Springsafe® Trampoline and two Fitbit Zips for your family so you can track your activity while you play! Enter now for your chance to get active this spring.

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