Plum Play 2020 Christmas Gift Guide

This year outdoor spaces have become more valuable than ever before, making outdoor toys this year’s must-have products. We have put together our own gift guide, to help you find the best outdoor toys to surprise your little ones with this Christmas.

12+ Months

Our 12+ months picks will create magical first times for you and your baby, from their first swing, creating hours of laughter and play all the way to their brave first climb. You will watch your child grown and develop through active play, with our specialised items, ready for outdoor adventures.

Plum® Wooden Growing Swing Set 

The Plum Wooden Growing Swing Set grows with your child, the swing is supplied with a 3-in-1 animal themed swing seat, which can be adjusted to baby, toddler and child stages. From 12 months up this swing set is made with longevity in mind. You will see your baby develop into a toddler and build confidence to swing on their own.

Plum® My First Wooden Play centre  

The Plum My First Wooden Play centre is made for toddlers aged 18+ months. The Play Centre will encourage healthy active play, aid the development of gross and fine motor skills and unleash imaginations. Complete with a 4ft slide, underneath den area, colourful rock wall and cargo net the Play Centre encourages 360 play.

3 Years+

At 3+ years your little one is more energetic than ever before! We have selected two of our best products for your inquisitive adventurer, that will inspire their imagination and put their increasing energy into hours of playtime.

Plum® Boat House Wooden Playhouse [Teal] 

Perfect for little ones aged 3+ years, the Plum Boathouse playhouse will add a splash of colour to your garden, coming in a lively teal colour with a harmonising whitewash trim finish! A raised platform allows your children to freely climb the three-step ladder to their adventure on deck, and use the 1.2m slide to return to land.

Plum® Mandrill® Wooden Climbing Frame 

The Plum Mandrill Wooden Climbing Frame provides little ones with hours of fun in the outdoors! The metal swing attachments encircle the pole so no drilling is required, maintaining strength and making your life easier when assembling. For when little legs grow, the height-adjustable rope allows the swings to be easily changed for comfortable active play! 

6 Years+

At 6+ years your child is an independent explorer. They want to create their own world and set out on new adventures each day. Adventure play will build your little ones confidence as they push their boundaries and reach new heights while developing new skills.

Plum® 10ft Space Zone II Springsafe® Trampoline & Enclosure [PVC]

The Plum 10ft Space Zone II Trampoline promises a safe, springy bounce. Our favourite features including the double galvanised steel frame, sturdy tramp klamp brackets and the 3G enclosure design which curves to maximise bounce space. Suitable for children aged 6+ years.

Plum® Wooden Lookout Tower with Monkey Bars [Colour Pop]

Starting at ages 3+ The Plum Wooden Lookout Tower with Monkey Bars (Colour Pop) is perfect for families with children of all ages, with exciting elements for 6+ year-olds. The climbing frame includes a ladder that leads up to the mighty wooden tower as well as a rock wall with multi-coloured hand and foot grips providing a more challenging route to the play deck. An 8ft wave slide will see them soar down and hideout in the sandpit that sits below deck. 

Trampoline Top Picks

This years must have product is…you guessed it trampolines. We have a range of sizes too, for every garden and every age.

Plum® Minions® Junior Bouncer
Colours By Plum® Springsafe® Trampoline- 10ft Limited Edition Gold
Plum® Minions® 4.5ft Minions Trampoline And Enclosure With Sounds

From 18+ months to big kids, Plum® trampolines are a present that cannot fail this year. The Plum® Junior Bouncers are suitable for 18+ months. Followed by the Plum® Minions® 4.5ft Minions Trampoline and Enclosure With Sounds, for 3+ years. Finally, for the big kids, we have the Colours By Plum® Springsafe® Trampoline- 10ft Limited Edition Gold, which is ideal for your 6+year-olds.

With something for everyone, Plum Products are a great choice to top your little ones Christmas list this year.

A Better Bonfire Night For Everyone

Photo by Alexander Kagan on Unsplash

Bonfire night is an exciting time of year, however for a lot of families it can be an extremely difficult time also. We want to share an insight into these families lives and advise on simple ways to be more mindful during this period. We will also be giving tips on ways you can keep your family safe this bonfire night. We know our followers are some of the most caring and considerate parents, so we hope this blog can help you help each other.

Loud Noises – Share Your Plans

Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash

Bonfire night can often upset our little ones. With that said, it is important to be mindful of our neighbours and if you can, let them know your firework plans in advance, so they can prepare.

Here is what the experts say…

“We would recommend that you consider your neighbours and whether they have pets, or are elderly. You can buy a range of noiseless or low-noise fireworks that will still give a great display but without disturbing others.”

-Paul Howes, Group Manager for Prevention and Protection at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue

For those with sensory processing disorders, fireworks have the ability to cause stress, anxiety
and discomfort due to their noise and unpredictability.

– Elysium 2020

If your child does find this time of year difficult, follow the link below for Elysium’s top 10 tips.

Fluffy friends – How To Calm Them Down

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Loud bangs can be very confusing for our pets and we often witness strange behaviour because of them. It can make you feel helpless watching your pet struggle with confusion and anxiety at this time of year. So here are a few tricks and ideas you can use to try and ease their stress.

There are lots of simple things you can do to help your pet deal with fireworks. By preparing in advance before fireworks start your pet will be better able to cope with the noises.

– The RSPCA 2020

  • Give your pet somewhere safe to hide, like a quite corner or under furniture.
  • If you can, walk your pets in daylight hours and keep them indoors at night time.
  • Try to mask the sound of fireworks by closing doors and windows and playing the radio.
  • Don’t punish your pets for their reaction to the fireworks.
  • Anti-stress dog bands help sensitive and/or frightened dogs to calm down during certain stressful situations as it reduces noise and provides a feeling of tucking in. (You can buy these online or make them yourself)

Keeping your family safe

Photo by Zara Walker on Unsplash

For those who do have firework plans, we know you are clued up on how to keep your family safe on bonfire night. Here’s a reminder of the latest tips from our local fire department ready for your family festivities…

Every year we buy the biggest and best fireworks for our home displays but the latest advice from the Lincolnshire fire department suggests you should check that you should only buy products that are suitable for your garden and neighbourhood. Surprisingly, category 3 fireworks are for sale to the public for outdoor use.

  • Category 2 fireworks are suitable for gardens where it is possible for spectators to keep at least a distance of 5m away for safety (often 8m – always check the safety information on the packaging).
  • Category 3 fireworks (‘display fireworks’) are usually only suitable for larger open spaces where people can stand at least 25 metres away. 25 metres is about the size of three fire engines end to end – so if you couldn’t fit that in your garden – it’s not big enough!

To read Lincolnshire fire departments full article follow the link below.

We hope you and your family have the best experience this bonfire night and you have been able to take a few tips from us to help.

6 ways to keep your little ones entertained in the run-up to Halloween!

(Photo by David Menidrey on Unsplash )

Autumn is here, every street, path and park is filled with a sea of autumnal bliss. It’s that cosy time of year where all the magic begins to happen and it all starts on the night of Halloween!

This year Halloween is on a Saturday, meaning there is a whole week of entertainment leading up to the big day. After a year of thinking outside the box to keep your little ones busy, this holiday can feel very daunting.

Worry not, here are some activities to keep your little ones entertained over this spooktacular period.

1. Spooky Cupcakes

Photo by Hello I’m Nik 🎞 on Unsplash

After lock down, if there is anything families have mastered it is baking! Now is the time to put the skills you have mastered to the test and create some creepy cup cakes.

You can find 100’s of recipes, techniques and ideas from a quick online search! ! Here are some of our favourites:


2. Classic Halloween Movies

Photo by Siti Rahmanah Mat Daud on Unsplash

After a day of entertaining your children, a well deserved rest is needed, why not try sticking on a classic Halloween movie to get you in to the festive spirit. Here’s a few of our favourites:

  • Halloween town 1 & 2
  • Hocus pocus
  • Casper
  • Twitches
  • Ghost busters
  • Toy story of terror
  • Wallace and Gromit : The Curse of the were-rabbit

3. Pumpkin Picking

Photo by joseph tury on Unsplash

Pumpkin picking is the hottest Halloween trend and if you can book yourself in, it is a great annual tradition to do with your family to capture some beautiful photos. However, if you cannot find an available pumpkin patch anywhere near you, fear not! There is nothing stopping you from picking your pumpkins up from your local shop and taking them out for a family activity and photo shoot. Find yourself a field with some hay bales and get creative.

Your local farm shop is the best place to go to find unique pumpkins.

4. Pumpkin Decorating

Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash

Carving pumpkins is becoming a thing of the past. Black, white and green is the new orange this year. With parents opting for a more creative approach, we are now seeing painted or even spray painted pumpkins on our Instagram feeds. So why not give it ago, this is a fun and creative activity to do with your little ones, although we can’t promise it will make any less of a mess!

5. Traditional Halloween Games

Traditional Halloween games are a great way for both you and your little ones to feel festive, we love:

  • Apple bobbing
  • Halloween musical statues – get the classic Halloween tunes on like monster mash!
  • Guess what’s in the spooky box. Fill individual boxes with fake spiders, skeletons and sweetie eye balls and blind fold your little ones so they can guess what is in the box.

6. Trick Or Treating

Photo by Bee Felten-Leidel on Unsplash

This year Halloween is going to be a little different. We wanted to inspire you to create an exciting trick or treat experience all around your home. By making every door in your house a new door to knock on, your little one can still have an authentic Halloween experience by collecting their sweets from each room. You can adopt the different styles and treats you get when you go trick or treating…Some people give fruit, others opt for money or there are the traditional sweet treats. Different treats behind each door adds to excitement!

If you have any of our outdoor toys, here’s how you can incorporate them into a creative Halloween at home…

Apple Bobbing
Trick Or Treating
Whats In The Spooky Sandpit

Get Kids Outdoors

Get Kids Outdoors

Spring Blog

Plum are celebrating 30 years of play and we want to inspire families to get outdoors and stay active this spring! We provide play for every stage of childhood, from baby’s first steps to their first swing and slide, bigger jumps, adventures and beyond.

There is so much more to play than meets the eye, the simple joy is seeing children learn, discover, experiment and grow in confidence through play and create a childhood of great memories.

According to the Play in Balance Campaign commissioned by Persil, almost a third of children in the UK play outdoors for 30 minutes or less a day. Sir Ken Robinson, expert in education, says “Play helps children to learn and experiment, to focus and concentrate, be more self-directed, and to build social confidence. Play also helps children to learn important social values, such as sharing, following rules, taking turns, valuing the choices of others, accepting losing, perseverance, tolerance, open mindedness and empathy.”

Spring Blog2

Let children be children

We believe outdoor, active play helps to develop these skills and is great for bringing families together to enjoy the great outdoors. Allowing children the freedom of play will create cherished childhood memories for years to come. We want children to have the freedom of play and you the parent the peace of mind.
Check out our outdoor play ideas for you and your family this spring:

    Go for a picnic at the park
    Develop social skills and sharing

    Go camping
    Explore and create a new adventure every day

    Fly a kite
    Build confidence in physical play

    Family spring walk
    Share special moments and childhood memories

    Build a garden den
    Improve cognitive skills

    Go on a daffodil hunt
    Inspire new interests…a love to care for nature

    Paint a picture of your garden
    Fuel imaginations and creativity

    Plant sunflowers
    Explore nature and discover outdoor play and learning

To celebrate our 30th year of play, we are giving you the chance to win a Create Your Own Springsafe® Trampoline and two Fitbit Zips for your family so you can track your activity while you play! Enter now for your chance to get active this spring.

plum trampoline competition 2018

Plum Play Gifts – A Kid’s Guide To Christmas

Plum Play Gifts – A Kid’s Guide To Christmas

Blog Banner

Christmas is just around the corner and we want to make it the most magical Christmas yet!

The Plum® Space Zone II Trampoline was the must have gift last year after featuring on the 2016 John Lewis Christmas TV Advert with the now famous Buster the Boxer.

Need some help with your Christmas shopping list? We’ve got gift ideas with the fun factor to keep kids playing throughout the holiday season. Browse our range of carefully selected gifts from £50 Playsets to ultimate outdoor climbing frames. From scooters to trampolines, we’ve got the perfect gift for your family!

This year, Plum Play® are counting down to the festive season. Each week Plum Play® will reveal an exciting new bundle including one of our products and complementary toys or accessories to go with the product. Make sure you check back each Wednesday to see the gift bundle of the week!

Enjoy imaginative play in week 6 with the Creative Cooking Christmas Gift Bundle!

It’s the final week of Christmas gift bundles, it’s time for little chefs to help out with the festive bakes in the run up to Christmas with the Peppermint Townhouse! Bundled with the fun Baking Gift Set from BKD London, this is the perfect gift for aspiring bakers this Christmas. Finished baking? The Peppermint Townhouse is also a stylish dream home for children’s figures and characters.

Plum Christmas Picnic Party Pack

The countdown to Christmas begins in week 5 with the Party Pack Christmas Gift Bundle!

It’s the start of December this week and time to get ready for the Christmas parties! Little ones can gather around the picnic tables and enjoy a festive celebration with friends and family. Bundle the picnic tables with a fun party pack from Pretty Little Party Shop for the ultimate Christmas party!

Plum Christmas Picnic Party Pack

Take a trip to the countryside for week 4 with the Farmhouse Gift Bundle!

Full of country charm, this bundle will provide hours of fun, creative role play with our Farmhouse Kitchen. Pick your favourite veg from your farm, give them a wash and they’re ready to cook ready for the Christmas dinner! Protect little one’s clothing from any cooking spillages with the beautiful Chicken Oilcloth Apron from Sophie Allport.

Plum Christmas Farmhouse Kitchen

Time for an adventure during week 3 with the Festive Feast Gift Bundle

It’s time to explore and create childhood memories with the Festive Feast Gift Bundle. Little ones can enjoy a secret den in the garden with the Plum® Wooden Teepee Hideaways which are perfect for all the family. Bundle the teepee with a cosy Christmas throw and a yummy John Lewis hamper for the perfect festive picnic.

Plum Christmas Teepee

It’s week two! Time to enjoy imaginative play with our Bookshelf Gift Bundle

Invent imaginary worlds and encourage learning through creative role play with the Bookshelf Gift Bundle. Keep little ones entertained throughout the Christmas period with the Hove Wooden Dolls House and Fortress Wooden Play Set which are packed full of fun features. The play sets fold closed to fit perfectly onto bookshelves and inspire creative thinking. Bundle the play sets with a set of fun books for play and learning.

Plum Christmas Roleplay

It’s week one and time to start our Christmas festivities with our Nature Play Gift Bundle!

This Nature Play gift bundle is perfect for little ones to tinker in the garden and explore the outdoors all year round. The award winning Discovery Mud Pie Kitchen combines hands on play and learning as children mush, mix and mould a mud pie. We know little ones like to splash around and get stuck in with messy play so check out the beautiful outerwear for your little ones from Muddy Puddles! This is the perfect bundle for little ones who love messy play and exploring wildlife!

Christmas blog2

This Christmas, we’ll be giving away our NEW 12ft Space Zone II Evolution Trampoline with a trampoline accessory kit and a £100 John Lewis Gift Voucher which will all arrive in time for Christmas. Head over to our competition page for your chance to WIN this exciting Christmas bundle!

Follow Plum Play® on social media and be the first to enter our exciting bundle competitions each week in the run up to Christmas.

Galileo Strollcycle

Revolutionary 4-in-1 Strollcycle™ For Kids

Galileo Strollcycle

Have you spotted our exciting new product, the Galileo 4-in-1 Strollcycle™?

The award winning 4-in-1 stroller and tricycle transforms between stages as your little one grows and learns how to ride. Choose your favourite colour between red, green or blue!

  1. The Strollcycle™ folds in one single action, allowing the product to be stored away easily.
  2. Beginning with a parent controlled pushchair, the pedals serve as a safe footrest for children and the seat can be adjusted between sitting and napping mode, perfect for tired toddlers!
  3. Children have more control as the pushchair transforms into a Strollcycle™ from 18 months+ allowing them to pedal and steer. To build confidence and ensure safety, the steering can be controlled by parents with a steering lock button.
  4. Your little one can ride solo from 30 months when the Strollcycle™ transforms into a tricycle.

With no tools or assembly required, your little one can start their journey learning to ride straight away!

How to pick the right trampoline

Bounce Safe & Fun!

How to pick the right trampoline for playtime…

Finding the right trampoline for your child is the key to playtime bliss. Trampolines provide a vertical play space, meaning even small city gardens can still enjoy active play!

Plum Springsafe® trampolines are a great solution to get kids outside and active, making garden play fun all year round. Our trampolines combine innovative safety features with cutting edge technology and unique designs. The Plum® Junior Trampoline range is perfect for little jumpers, helping them to build confidence for years of play. Our bestselling Classic Trampolines and our Premium Trampolines provide a bigger bounce for jumpers over 6 years old.

Each bouncer will have different requirements which will influence your choice, so check out our trampoline buying guide for more information.

We often get asked the question Are trampolines dangerous?

Our design team are committed to ensuring each and every Plum® product is safe for your little one. Our Springsafe® technology ensures users are out of reach of the springs, making Plum® trampolines a safe choice! However, to ensure your aspiring acrobats or junior jumpers are safe, do not allow them to perform any tricks outside of their ability. We know children like to take fun to the max, but remember to play safe!

30194_14ft Whirlwind_Life_1

Always remember #oneatatime when bouncing with friends and family

According to RoSPA, 60% of injuries that occur on trampolines are due to more than one bouncer! Ensure your little one is always supervised by a responsible adult and locate your trampoline in a safe place. Take a look at the Plum® guide to safe trampolining, which shows a full list of do’s and don’ts to keep your little one safe.

Making sure your child has the correct trampoline for their age

Plum® has trampolines for all ages ranging in size from 4.5ft for little bouncers to 14ft for experienced acrobats. The Plum® junior trampoline range is a perfect choice for beginner bouncers and can fit perfectly into small garden spaces.

Our larger trampolines are ideal for older children and adults ensuring a bigger bouncing space and a bigger bounce!

The Plum® 4.5ft Trampolines are an ideal first trampoline for little jumpers aged 3-6, while the 6ft and 7ft trampolines are recommended for children aged 3-9 years old. The Junior Trampoline range are designed for little ones to be safe whilst bouncing by having a lower height frame and shorter springs, giving a softer and more predictable bounce. Our 8ft Classic and Premium Trampolines are ideal for children aged 6-12 years old while the 10ft plus trampolines are a favourite for any children or adults over 6 years old.

30213AB87_12ft Spacezone_Zip_3

A common question is Will my trampoline be safe in the winter or bad weather?

Kids love to play in all weathers, but we would recommend moving your trampoline in windy conditions to a sheltered area. To prevent the trampoline blowing away, remove the enclosure and secure the trampoline to the ground using our trampoline anchor kit.

During the cold winter months, we would advise you to dismantle your trampoline and tuck it away for winter to prevent rust and damage to the frame, springs and enclosure. Looking after your trampoline will allow years of play.


The Plum Must-have Award Winning Swing Set!

The Plum Must-have Award Winning Swing Set!

It’s been a great year so far for Plum® and after winning over twenty awards for both Role Play and Outdoor Toy products we thought it was about time we started to shout about it. We want to pay homage to one of our favourite products that’s seen huge success across the toy award shows in 2016.

Picking up seven awards so far in 2016 the Plum® Wooden Growing Swing Set has received five of these awards in the Outdoor Toy categories.

Winning awards for the best outdoor toy for 2016.
Winning awards for the best outdoor toy for 2016.

Loved by Parents have awarded the Plum® Wooden Growing Swing Set PLATINUM for Best Outdoor Toy for 1 to 3 years and GOLD in the 3 to 6 years category. It was a Best Outdoor toy WINNER at the Rainbow Awards, picked up SILVER at the Right Start Awards and a BRONZE at the Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards by Mumii for Best Outdoor Play Equipment.
Its stylish, fun design and exceptional quality have also secured awards from Loved by Parents for BEST WOODEN TOY and Right Start awarded the Swing Set BEST INVESTMENT overall!

The Plum® Wooden Growing Swing Set is suitable for 12 months and up, its easy adjustable design means you can switch between baby and toddler, making it ideal for growing little ones and growing households. The Swing Set includes a 3 in 1 adjustable seat that can be easily altered for all ages, going from baby to child and back in no time at all. The wooden leg extensions allow you to quickly extend the swing meaning it grows up with your child.

The Swing Set has an adjustable, fun seat design, making it a great investment for your garden.
The Swing Set has an adjustable, fun seat design, making it a great investment for your garden.

We’ve had some amazing feedback from some very pleased parents and we’re very excited to share their reviews with you…

Here’s what the parent testers had to say about this sought after product…
“Very easy to set up and to adjust to different heights, we loved the animal themed seat too.”
– Tester for Rainbow

“Made from high quality wood, the swing is sturdy and looks good in the garden. The frame can be quickly height-adjusted and reset back again as required. Our one year old loved it!”
– Tester for Right Start

A Swing that's fun for the whole family.
A Swing that’s fun for the whole family.

Adjustable Toddler Seat.
Adjustable Toddler Seat.

We’ve also had great reviews for the press…
“We reckon this is the best garden swing on the market. The frame can be adjusted, so it suits everyone from babies to early teens, and it features a three-stage, animal-themed seat for growing bottoms.”
– The Independent Online

The Plum® Wooden Growing Swing Set is the must have garden toy for 2017. Look out for this investment piece, back on sale next year, this tried and tested product will look perfect in your garden!

Plum Bags Multiple LBP Awards

Plum Bags Multiple LBP Awards

lbp-featuredThe Loved By Parents award winners have been announced and Plum yet again have had great success!

We won awards in SEVEN different categories – for the best activity toy, best wooden toy, and the best outdoor toy across various age groups.

Every one of our winning products won a platinum and some even won several other awards in other classes.

The full list of winners can be found on the link below:

A big thank you to everyone who voted.


Listed below are all our products which won an LBP award.


Plum® Wooden Growing Swing

Best Outdoor Toy 1-3 yrs – Platinum

Best Outdoor Toy 3-6 yrs – Gold

Best Wooden Toy 3-6 yrs – Silver


Plum® Roar-a-Saur table

Best Activity Toy 3-6 yrs – Platinum

Best Wooden Toy 3-6 yrs – Gold


Plum® 10ft Space Zone II Trampoline

Best Activity Toy 6+ – Platinum


Plum® 10ft In-Ground Trampoline

Best Outdoor Toy 6+ – Platinum


Plum Ranked Best Trampoline Brand

Plum Ranked Best Trampoline Brand


In a recent consumer survey by Which?, Plum have been announced as the Best Trampoline Brand based on the views of parents regarding ease of assembly, safety and durability.

Plum came out on top thanks to our commitment to producing the very best quality trampolines that are safe, fun and stylish, plus our dedicated customer service team who serve all our customer’s needs.

We would like to thank all the parents who scored us so highly above the rest and we wish everyone a fun-filled summer!

In addition to this announcement, our Latitude Trampoline has just been awarded a GOLD Junior Design Award!

Junior Magazine referred to the Latitude as having  “A striking level of excellence in terms of design and aesthetics.”

Here are the stars of the show – our top range of trampolines:

The copyright in the Best Trampoline Brands is owned by Which? Limited and has been reproduced
with their kind permission for the sole purposes of this blog post.  No other use
of the content can be made without the written permission of Which? Limited.