How to find spare parts for your trampoline

We know that from time to time your trampoline may need some parts changing or updating to prolong the life of the product.

By choosing genuine approved Plum spare parts for your trampoline, you are ensuring the perfect fit, integrity and performance. Spare parts purchased via our website have the Plum stamp of approval!

To help you find your trampoline spare part as quickly as possible, we have put together a simple trampoline parts guide.

1. Know your trampoline model? Find your spare part on the product page

  • If you know the name of your item, simply use the search bar on our website to find your product as quickly as possible.
  • Select the spares tab located underneath the product image
  • Click the button to find your compatible spares

2. Not sure what your trampoline model is? Use our spare parts finder to locate the correct replacement part

The spare parts finder can be located using the main menu on our website home page. 

How to use our spare parts finder…

  • Enter the product code into the spare part finder search bar
  • The code for your trampoline should be 9 characters long (with the exception of the In-ground trampolines) 
  • You can find your product code on your sales invoice (shown as SKU code), if you purchased through the Plum website
  • Trampolines made by us from 2014 onwards include a sticker, with the product code, this can be found on one of the trampoline legs

3. What if my spare part is unavailable or has been discontinued?

  • You can find out if your replacement part has been discontinued (due to the age of the product) by visiting the product page.
  • If an alternative replacement part is available, it will be linked on the product page
  • If the item is showing as ‘not in stock’ please see the estimated restock date on the product listing. You can also sign up to stock notifications for this part, to be the first to be notified of your parts availability.

4. What if I couldn’t find my spare part through these methods?

In the rare case that you cannot find spare parts for your trampoline using these methods, our help centre has been created to help customers with all enquiries regarding our products.

If you need further help then please contact us here, and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Saving The Forest On FSC Friday

Saving The Forest On FSC Friday

It’s FSC Friday and we want to remind all our customers of the importance of buying sustainably sourced products and choosing FSC certified wood!

Here at Plum® we are proud to be certified members of the Forest Stewardship Council®. From the get-go Plum® have used FSC certified wood and continue to work with environmentally and socially beneficial forest management, ensuring all our products have a long term positive effect on the forest.

FSC International principles include maintaining and restoring the ecosystem, the forest resources and landscapes, as well as sustaining and improving the forest workers and local community’s social and economic well-being.
From our Round Pole to our Pine and Spruce Square Cut timber, Plum® customers are buying green when they order our Wooden Swing Sets, Climbing Frames, Outdoor Toys and Children’s Furniture. All Plum® wood is sustainable and durable and includes natural properties that look great in the garden.

FSC Friday is a chance to celebrate the programs success, raise awareness and spread the word about the threats to our forests. Choose sustainable wood and help prevent negative environmental change and illegal logging. You can learn all about our wood HERE.

We’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you’re doing for FSC Friday…

Learn about our wood

Learn about our wood

Learn about our wood
Buy sustainably sourced products and choose FSC certified wood with Plum®

Trampoline SOS: Get Ready For Summer Bouncing

Trampoline SOS: Get Ready For Summer Bouncing

It’s just the right time of year to get the trampoline in top condition. Most trampolines are designed to be an investment and with a bit of TLC can last for many years to come, but it can be difficult to spot that areas that need maintaining. Here’s what to look out for:

The Trampoline Frame

Image of Plum 8ft Trampoline Frame

The foundation of the trampoline is the frame so it’s important to get keep this is top condition. Check the steel frame carefully for any rust or corrosion and make sure all bolts are tightened and secure.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new trampoline, go for a trampoline with a steel frame that has been galvanised inside and out to avoid rusting. A thicker gauge steel will help to prevent this too.

Spring into action

Plum Trampoline Springs

A great bounce starts with great trampoline springs. Check each one carefully and look out for corrosion, rust or misshapen parts and ensure that each is still secured tight to the frame.

Squeaky springs? Some WD40 will help.


Plum Trampoline Safety Pad

Excess sun, poor weather and ageing can all cause deterioration to the fabric parts of your trampoline so it pays to use a cover and remove the enclosure and pads in the winter and (but only if the trampoline is not in use).

Check the safety pad and jumping mat carefully for holes and obvious degradation. Our Plum premium trampolines have double-sided safety pads, which can be flipped over for a new lease of life.

The Enclosure

Plum Latitude Trampoline Enclosure

Not only are degraded enclosures dangerous, they can also be pretty unsightly. This is often the part of the trampoline to show the most wear, but remember that the enclosure is critical to help prevent children falling off so it’s important to get this one right.

Check the enclosure carefully for holes, loose stitching and degradation. If you’re thinking of buying a new trampoline? Choosing a trampoline model with a top rail or rim can help to preserve the shape of the enclosure.

Plum Spare Parts Header

Spare parts

Most reputable trampoline manufacturers will offer spare trampoline parts for their ranges so you can avoid shelling out on a whole new model. Most trampolines vary subtly in their size and construction so it’s important obtain the part that is compatible with the trampoline that you have.

Remember if you have a Plum trampoline, using unauthorised spares will invalidate your warranty for this reason.

Spare parts can be purchased direct from our website – now save 15% off your first order when you sign up. Our trampoline spare parts finder will ask a number of questions to guide you to the correct spares for your trampoline model.

If you have a Plum trampoline don’t forget you can find Plum trampoline assembly videos and instructions on our website.

Happy bouncing!