Plum Colours Trampoline - Right Start Award Winner

Plum Win Top Right Start Awards

Plum® had brilliant success at the Right Start Toy Awards 2017 winning 3 category awards and 2 Top Winner’s Awards!
Our stylish Colours by Plum® Springsafe® Trampoline won GOLD in the Outdoor Category and was awarded a top award for BEST INVESTMENT! Reversible colour pads provide twice the fun, mix and match between two fun colours and two foam sets to find your favourite combination!

“Trampolines are a great investment and this one is big and bouncy enough for adults, too. Excellent quality, it will provide years of fun” –Tester’s feedback in the Right Start Best Toy Guide 2017 

Plum Colours Trampoline RSA

The Plum Discovery Mud Pie Kitchen was awarded SILVER in the Role Play Category. Little ones can explore the outdoors and interact with nature as they mush, mix and mould a mud pie!

“The organic look and feel of this wooden workbench is perfectly suited to the outside and it looks lovely in the garden. There’s plenty to keep children entertained from the painting screen for messy artworks to the washing up bowl and hobs for mixing up and making some fabulous mud pies. A great way to keep little ones busy outdoors.” – Tester’s feedback in the Right Start Best Toy Guide 2017

Plum Mud Pie Kitchen RSA

The Globber EVO 5-in-1 from Globber by Plum was awarded GOLD in the Sit and Ride category and was awarded a top award for BEST TOY 0-3. The three wheel scooter features five stages to grow with your little one as they learn to ride.

“Great value for money. The stylish, clever design easily grows with the child, switching from a lightweight parent pushalong to a balance bike to a first scooter. It works well in all modes and was loved by our testers.” – Tester’s feedback in the Right Start Best Toy Guide 2017


Plum Wins Junior Design Awards

Plum Wins Junior Design Awards

The results from the Junior Design Awards are in! Plum have had great success with 3 products winning awards in Children’s Toy Categories.

Our innovative Plum® Discovery Mud Pie Kitchen has won GOLD in the Best toy design 3-5 years category.

Junior Editor Bonita added, “This is possibly one of the coolest toys I have seen in a long time. I would have loved this when I was a child. It’s beautifully made, sturdy and stylish to boot. What a lovely way to get kids outdoors.”

Plum Mud Pie Kitchen - Gold Junior Design Award 2017

The stylish Plum® 10ft Colours Springsafe® Trampoline has won SILVER for Best toy design in the 6+ years category. With reversible pads in two fun colours and two foam sets, little ones can mix and match to find their favourite combination!

Plum Colours Trampoline Silver Junior Design Award

Finally, the Globber Evo 4-in-1 Plus Scooter has been awarded FINALIST for Best toy design 3-5 years! This scooter will grow with your child while teaching them balance.

Globber Evo 4-in-1 Plus Scooter Junior Design Awards Finalist

Exciting news for Plum! We are delighted the judges liked our products, thank you Junior Magazine!

How to pick the right trampoline

Bounce Safe & Fun!

How to pick the right trampoline for playtime…

Finding the right trampoline for your child is the key to playtime bliss. Trampolines provide a vertical play space, meaning even small city gardens can still enjoy active play!

Plum Springsafe® trampolines are a great solution to get kids outside and active, making garden play fun all year round. Our trampolines combine innovative safety features with cutting edge technology and unique designs. The Plum® Junior Trampoline range is perfect for little jumpers, helping them to build confidence for years of play. Our bestselling Classic Trampolines and our Premium Trampolines provide a bigger bounce for jumpers over 6 years old.

Each bouncer will have different requirements which will influence your choice, so check out our trampoline buying guide for more information.

We often get asked the question Are trampolines dangerous?

Our design team are committed to ensuring each and every Plum® product is safe for your little one. Our Springsafe® technology ensures users are out of reach of the springs, making Plum® trampolines a safe choice! However, to ensure your aspiring acrobats or junior jumpers are safe, do not allow them to perform any tricks outside of their ability. We know children like to take fun to the max, but remember to play safe!

30194_14ft Whirlwind_Life_1

Always remember #oneatatime when bouncing with friends and family

According to RoSPA, 60% of injuries that occur on trampolines are due to more than one bouncer! Ensure your little one is always supervised by a responsible adult and locate your trampoline in a safe place. Take a look at the Plum® guide to safe trampolining, which shows a full list of do’s and don’ts to keep your little one safe.

Making sure your child has the correct trampoline for their age

Plum® has trampolines for all ages ranging in size from 4.5ft for little bouncers to 14ft for experienced acrobats. The Plum® junior trampoline range is a perfect choice for beginner bouncers and can fit perfectly into small garden spaces.

Our larger trampolines are ideal for older children and adults ensuring a bigger bouncing space and a bigger bounce!

The Plum® 4.5ft Trampolines are an ideal first trampoline for little jumpers aged 3-6, while the 6ft and 7ft trampolines are recommended for children aged 3-9 years old. The Junior Trampoline range are designed for little ones to be safe whilst bouncing by having a lower height frame and shorter springs, giving a softer and more predictable bounce. Our 8ft Classic and Premium Trampolines are ideal for children aged 6-12 years old while the 10ft plus trampolines are a favourite for any children or adults over 6 years old.

30213AB87_12ft Spacezone_Zip_3

A common question is Will my trampoline be safe in the winter or bad weather?

Kids love to play in all weathers, but we would recommend moving your trampoline in windy conditions to a sheltered area. To prevent the trampoline blowing away, remove the enclosure and secure the trampoline to the ground using our trampoline anchor kit.

During the cold winter months, we would advise you to dismantle your trampoline and tuck it away for winter to prevent rust and damage to the frame, springs and enclosure. Looking after your trampoline will allow years of play.


New Globber Scooters Range

Introducing Our New Scooter Range

Have you seen the new scooter ranges available on our site?

Plum have launched an exciting new collection of Globber scooters with innovative and stylish child and adult ranges available.

Your little ones can learn how to scoot with Globber’s My Free range comprising of three wheel scooters designed to provide a safe learning experience for your child. The My Free range features low foot decks and steering locks allowing your little one to gain confidence. Height adjustable handlebars allow the scooters to grow with your child, providing a fun experience for years to come.

The award winning 5-in-1 is a favourite due to its adaptability as a ride-on, balance bike and scooter for children from 12 months to 6 years.

As well as our range of fun kid’s scooters, we also have stylish scooters for adults. The My Too range provides two wheel scooters which are suitable for intensive use due to their durable design. The My Too Fix Up is designed for children over 6 years old and the My Too 18.0 and My Too One 180 are created for adult users. The innovative design makes this range ideal for urban users.

Our selection of Globber accessories include flashlights, safety pads and protective helmets, which ensure your little one’s have a safe but enjoyable experience.

Our exciting venture provides fun for all ages so make sure you check out our stylish range!


The Plum Must-have Award Winning Swing Set!

The Plum Must-have Award Winning Swing Set!

It’s been a great year so far for Plum® and after winning over twenty awards for both Role Play and Outdoor Toy products we thought it was about time we started to shout about it. We want to pay homage to one of our favourite products that’s seen huge success across the toy award shows in 2016.

Picking up seven awards so far in 2016 the Plum® Wooden Growing Swing Set has received five of these awards in the Outdoor Toy categories.

Winning awards for the best outdoor toy for 2016.
Winning awards for the best outdoor toy for 2016.

Loved by Parents have awarded the Plum® Wooden Growing Swing Set PLATINUM for Best Outdoor Toy for 1 to 3 years and GOLD in the 3 to 6 years category. It was a Best Outdoor toy WINNER at the Rainbow Awards, picked up SILVER at the Right Start Awards and a BRONZE at the Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards by Mumii for Best Outdoor Play Equipment.
Its stylish, fun design and exceptional quality have also secured awards from Loved by Parents for BEST WOODEN TOY and Right Start awarded the Swing Set BEST INVESTMENT overall!

The Plum® Wooden Growing Swing Set is suitable for 12 months and up, its easy adjustable design means you can switch between baby and toddler, making it ideal for growing little ones and growing households. The Swing Set includes a 3 in 1 adjustable seat that can be easily altered for all ages, going from baby to child and back in no time at all. The wooden leg extensions allow you to quickly extend the swing meaning it grows up with your child.

The Swing Set has an adjustable, fun seat design, making it a great investment for your garden.
The Swing Set has an adjustable, fun seat design, making it a great investment for your garden.

We’ve had some amazing feedback from some very pleased parents and we’re very excited to share their reviews with you…

Here’s what the parent testers had to say about this sought after product…
“Very easy to set up and to adjust to different heights, we loved the animal themed seat too.”
– Tester for Rainbow

“Made from high quality wood, the swing is sturdy and looks good in the garden. The frame can be quickly height-adjusted and reset back again as required. Our one year old loved it!”
– Tester for Right Start

A Swing that's fun for the whole family.
A Swing that’s fun for the whole family.
Adjustable Toddler Seat.
Adjustable Toddler Seat.

We’ve also had great reviews for the press…
“We reckon this is the best garden swing on the market. The frame can be adjusted, so it suits everyone from babies to early teens, and it features a three-stage, animal-themed seat for growing bottoms.”
– The Independent Online

The Plum® Wooden Growing Swing Set is the must have garden toy for 2017. Look out for this investment piece, back on sale next year, this tried and tested product will look perfect in your garden!

Saving The Forest On FSC Friday

Saving The Forest On FSC Friday

It’s FSC Friday and we want to remind all our customers of the importance of buying sustainably sourced products and choosing FSC certified wood!

Here at Plum® we are proud to be certified members of the Forest Stewardship Council®. From the get-go Plum® have used FSC certified wood and continue to work with environmentally and socially beneficial forest management, ensuring all our products have a long term positive effect on the forest.

FSC International principles include maintaining and restoring the ecosystem, the forest resources and landscapes, as well as sustaining and improving the forest workers and local community’s social and economic well-being.
From our Round Pole to our Pine and Spruce Square Cut timber, Plum® customers are buying green when they order our Wooden Swing Sets, Climbing Frames, Outdoor Toys and Children’s Furniture. All Plum® wood is sustainable and durable and includes natural properties that look great in the garden.

FSC Friday is a chance to celebrate the programs success, raise awareness and spread the word about the threats to our forests. Choose sustainable wood and help prevent negative environmental change and illegal logging. You can learn all about our wood HERE.

We’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you’re doing for FSC Friday…

Learn about our wood

Learn about our wood

Learn about our wood
Buy sustainably sourced products and choose FSC certified wood with Plum®
Plum Bags Multiple LBP Awards

Plum Bags Multiple LBP Awards

lbp-featuredThe Loved By Parents award winners have been announced and Plum yet again have had great success!

We won awards in SEVEN different categories – for the best activity toy, best wooden toy, and the best outdoor toy across various age groups.

Every one of our winning products won a platinum and some even won several other awards in other classes.

The full list of winners can be found on the link below:

A big thank you to everyone who voted.


Listed below are all our products which won an LBP award.


Plum® Wooden Growing Swing

Best Outdoor Toy 1-3 yrs – Platinum

Best Outdoor Toy 3-6 yrs – Gold

Best Wooden Toy 3-6 yrs – Silver


Plum® Roar-a-Saur table

Best Activity Toy 3-6 yrs – Platinum

Best Wooden Toy 3-6 yrs – Gold


Plum® 10ft Space Zone II Trampoline

Best Activity Toy 6+ – Platinum


Plum® 10ft In-Ground Trampoline

Best Outdoor Toy 6+ – Platinum


Plum Ranked Best Trampoline Brand

Plum Ranked Best Trampoline Brand


In a recent consumer survey by Which?, Plum have been announced as the Best Trampoline Brand based on the views of parents regarding ease of assembly, safety and durability.

Plum came out on top thanks to our commitment to producing the very best quality trampolines that are safe, fun and stylish, plus our dedicated customer service team who serve all our customer’s needs.

We would like to thank all the parents who scored us so highly above the rest and we wish everyone a fun-filled summer!

In addition to this announcement, our Latitude Trampoline has just been awarded a GOLD Junior Design Award!

Junior Magazine referred to the Latitude as having  “A striking level of excellence in terms of design and aesthetics.”

Here are the stars of the show – our top range of trampolines:

The copyright in the Best Trampoline Brands is owned by Which? Limited and has been reproduced
with their kind permission for the sole purposes of this blog post.  No other use
of the content can be made without the written permission of Which? Limited.

Plum Garden Games

A History of Garden Games

Plum Garden Games

You’re little ones may not yet be ready to take part in the 2016 Olympics in Rio, but that shouldn’t stop them from
hosting a Garden Game Olympics in their garden!

We will explore the history of five classic garden games and their origins – Traditional games that have been enhancing people’s coordination, cunning and skill for centuries.


History of Rounders

Stick and ball games are ancient and go back thousands of years.

Many historians believe that Baseball, Rounders and Cricket all evolved from a single medieval game called Stoolball, where there is a batter and bowler on a marked field.

Rounders was a version of baseball that dispensed with an early rule which stated that a running batter could be hit by a thrown ball to catch them out.

The game is known to have been played in Tudor times and has also been mentioned in some of Jane Austin’s books.













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History of Croquet

Croquet is a relatively contemporary game and originated from Ireland in the 1830’s.

In 1850, it came to England and became very popular because it was one of the first sports in Victorian times that women could play equally alongside men.

Croquet was actually an Olympic Sport in the 1900 Olympics in Paris!













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History of Quoits

A Quoit is an ancient Greek term for a throwing disc (or Discus) that was also used as a weapon some 4000 years ago!

The game of Quoits is thought to have originated from the early middle ages amongst mining communities, where horseshoes were thrown at pins in the ground.

This evolved into a more standardised version of the game where frisby-like rings were thrown into clay pits containing a single pin.

Most modern contemporary versions, including the Plum Quoits Garden Game,

use rings made from rope and have several pins. This version is thought to have been invented for entertainment on early cruise ships where it was impractical to have a clay pit onboard and the soft rope rings would be soft enough not to hurt anyone one or scratch the decking!













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History of Boules

It is believed that the Romans first invented the game around 2600 years ago, originally using stone balls and then wooden ones later on.

The game was widely played throughout Europe during the middle ages and King Henry III banned his archers from playing it due to it becoming a distraction.

In the 1300’s, King Charles IV & V made a law to ban commoners from playing it. This law lasted nearly 300 years until the 17th century!

In 1907 the French derived their own version of boules called Petanque. This is considered to be the definitive modern version due to the simplicity and popularity of the rules, the most important of which is that your feet must stay anchored to the ground. The word Petanque comes from the Occitan expression ‘Pes Tancats’, meaning ‘feet anchored’.

In 1959, the first World Championships were organised.













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History of Dominoes

Dominoes are considered a highly versatile gaming device most likely invented by the Egyptians, but more easily traced back to 12th century China.

Each domino essentially shows two double dice rolls etched into the flat sides of a solid piece of material, eliminating the need to roll two dice if picked up randomly and also preventing the possibility of cheating via ‘loaded’ dice being used (dice that are weighted on one side to always show a specific number).

Dominoes were traditionally made from carved bone or wood, whilst more expensive sets were made from carved ivory. Modern sets are more commonly made from heavy plastic.

In the early 1700’s, dominoes found their way to Italy and spread in popularity throughout Europe, quickly becoming one of the most favourite games to be played in family homes and pubs.

In 2009, a Guinness World Record was recorded in France where 4,491,863 dominoes were toppled from a single-push domino chain!













Buy a Dominoes set from Plum


Plum 8x6ft Wooden Football Goal

Football: The Ultimate Sport For Kids

He shoots.. He scores.. GOAL!!

Never has there been a more energetic and exciting game that kids of all ages can enjoy in their very own gardens.

euro2016 fottball goal offer

Whether it is just a friendly match, penalty shootout practice, or imitating their favourite footballer – it’s amazing how much entertainment and value a couple of goal posts can give!

Plum’s range of wooden football goals are made from strong and sturdy FSC certified timber with durable, heavy-duty nets that can be left outside all-year round.

Plum Wooden Football Goal


EURO2016 – Score a great deal on Plum 6ft x 4ft Football Goals

To celebrate EURO16 Plum are offering 25% off all 6ft x 4ft football goals!

This offer won’t last long, so net a goal or two now whilst stock lasts to get your little ones practising their footy skills!