3 Spring Activities With Just A Normal mum

Hi, to introduce ourselves, we are @justanormalmum_ and we are super excited to do this @plumplayuk takeover! We love some outdoor fun, whether it be getting active, den building or growing vegetables for the vegetable patch. 

We really do feel that getting outdoors makes us all feel good. Plum Play make amazing outdoor toys to excite imaginations and let little ones play, learn and benefit from that amazing fresh air.

1. Planting Seeds

This Plum Discovery Mud Pie Kitchen is enjoyed in all seasons and weathers, it really is well loved! The mud recipes don’t always look the tastiest(!) but it’s amazing what creations they can make from what they find! It really has been an amazing garden toy. It was a gift from the grandparents at the start of the very first lockdown and it has been brilliant! 

We are currently using it to plant seeds. We have planted some lavender for the bees which are already shooting up and we are planting some vegetable seeds too. It is lovely to involve the children in the planting, growing, and then the eating of the veg. Nothing beats eating peas straight from the pod or picking your own strawberries!

The Mud Pie Kitchen is the perfect place to get muddy and get planting, it even has its own planter. We have grown tomatoes in here before and this year we have moved in some strawberries! Once planted the flowers and veg don’t have to be grown outside but can be grown on your windowsill or in pots too.

2. Active Play

It’s great to get the kids out and being active! They also love to climb, so this @plumplayuk Uakari Swing Set is brilliant! They run straight to it, and then up and over it, and then over and over again! They are pirates climbing the rigging, they are mountaineers scaling Mount Everest, they are doing assault courses, their teddies are joining in, they are trying different ways each time and they are helping each other. 

It’s brilliant for confidence and pushing themselves and also for independent, imaginative play too. When I was younger I remember all we did was play outside and I love that the @plumplayuk garden toys really encourage the children to want to play and be active outdoors, whatever the weather! 

3. Den Building

As great as it is to be active and busy, it’s also important to have time to chill and rest and space to yourself. This @plumplayuk Teepee Hideaway is a gorgeous place for some time to relax. It is lovely for the children to have a special place in the garden that is their own, a den, a place to play, a place to hide, a place to chill, a place to read and draw, a place that is totally their own. 

There is so much room in here for relaxing, tea parties with teddies, reading, crafting, playing games and just having some space to themselves (and I enjoy sneaking in too as it is so nice and cosy, I am welcome as long as I bring snacks!). What do your children enjoy doing in a little den? 

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