3 Easter Themed Activities to Play on the Trampoline

Hi I’m Caroline, (aka @hiphoorayletsplay on Instagram). I’m mum to 2 boys, William (3) and Edward (9 months) and I’m always on a mission to find ways to keep my very energetic pre-schooler busy and active. The trampoline is perfect for this, and we’ve been having lots of fun playing 3 simple Easter games seeing though the sun has finally started shining.  

1. Easter Egg Number Practice

This is the perfect activity on high energy days and also incorporates number play, making maths fun! Using sticky tape, I stuck Easter eggs numbered 1-10 around the trampoline. I would call out a number and William would run to it. Want to take this activity to the next level? We did some basic sums. I would ask “what’s 2+3” and after thinking about it William would jump to number 5. What a way to learn!

2. Easter Egg Juggling

We used our egg shaped soft squeaky toys for this game. William had to try juggling them whilst jumping on the trampoline. Of course, very little juggling took place! Lots of me throwing them in, him catching and them flying all over the place is what really happened, with a few aimed at my head from William! Lots of fun and you could use any kind of soft ball/ball pond balls for this game. 

3. Easter Exploration Baby Style

I couldn’t leave baby Ed out of the fun so when the boys were ready for some chill time, I let Ed have some fun on the trampoline whilst I of course supervised and sat with him. Around the trampoline I popped a few Easter themed books and teddies for him to explore. Notice how William got in on the action too! When Edward is on the trampoline, we have a no bouncing rule and simply chill in the sunshine. It was lovely, and Ed loves the soft bouncy feel as he crawls along smiling.  

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